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Gadget is now a lieutenant for the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP ) assigned to missions that deal with criminal actions committed by MAD and the leader of MAD, Dr. Claw, the most evil man in the world. Gadget is assisted by two mini-robot duplicates of him called the Gadgetinis, named Digit and Fidget in yellow and blue color. Penny is the one who invented them, and she appears to be a teenager. Colonnel Nozairre is the replacement for Chief Quimby. Nozairre never wants to assign Gadget to anything because Gadget's clumsiness and lack of obedience to orders irritates or harms Nozairre very badly. However, the head of the WOMP always makes Nozairre hire Gadget for the missions.

Gadget And The Gadgetinis
Gadget and the Gadgetinis

Gadget and the Gadgetinis



Gadget Clone


  • Gadget Arsenal
  • Gadget Angle
  • Gadget Hellicopter Hat
  • Gadget Propeler Feet
  • Gadget Hands
  • Gadget Arms
  • Gadget Catapult Legs
  • Gadget Giraffe Neck
  • Gadget Butterfly Ned
  • Gadget Laser Pistol
  • Gadget Tank
  • Gadget Water Pump
  • Gadget Power Drills
  • Gadget Hammer
  • Gadget Sirene
  • Gadget Binoculars
  • Gadget Rocket
  • Gadget Laptop
  • Gadget Copter


  1. Don't Call Me Gadget
  2. Looming Las Vegas
  3. Claw's Collection
  4. Gadget Goes On Location
  5. Nice Guys Are Finished
  6. One Too Many Gadgets
  7. Trick Or Trap
  8. Attack Of The Killer Bees
  9. Wrestle In Peace
  10. Gopher Broke
  11. The Wuzzley Affair
  12. Face To Face To Face
  13. No Such Thing As Ghosts
  14. High Noon
  15. Sasquatch Watch
  16. In Touch With Your Animal Side
  17. Nosehair's Day Off
  18. The General's Daughter
  19. Unpleasant Island
  20. Help Wanted
  21. The Ultimate Weapon
  22. Reality Bites
  23. The Weather Machine
  24. Weekend At The Beach
  25. Prison Cruise
  26. Ice Folly
  27. Unseen Of The Crime
  28. Total Reclaw
  29. World's Nicest Dictator
  30. Roverre
  31. Bye Bye Business
  32. Sub-Mission
  33. Great Wall Of Oblivia
  34. MADster Game
  35. No Brainer
  36. Meet Super G.G.
  37. Extreme Gadget
  38. McIntosh's Bagpipes
  39. The Patrix
  40. Swap Team
  41. Super Gadget Chef
  42. Foreign Legion Gadget
  43. Solid Gold Gadget
  44. Super Boss Gadget
  45. Erasing Gadget
  46. Rock 'n' Gadget
  47. Gadget On The Brain
  48. Santa Claw
  49. The Lost City Of Gold
  50. Operation Get Gadget
  51. Claw's Nephew
  52. The Comet, The Unicorn And The Bad Gadgetinis

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  • Chief Quimby and Brian only appears in One episodes
  • Chief Quimby now works for Cyrillic Intelligent agency which is a parody of CIA
  • Brian and Chief Quimby Pictures in Gadget's House


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