Gadget Program 2


Human Cyborg

G2 makes her first apperance in this movie as a creation of the mayor designed to be a flawless unstoppable robot to stop crime after Dr. Claw's escape. As Inspecter Gadget attempts to "solve" the case despite specificly told not to by the chief, G2 actually manages to get results that are pilfared by Gadget every time. Eventually, despite her efforts, the mayor's wife and the mayor order the chief to deactivate her for meltdown. Knowing this, Gadget however manages to reactivate her to help him stop claw.

Along with her assistance,they work out where he is and attempt to stop him with a twist: Claw has captured Penny and they separate to do their part to solve this case. While Gadet rescues his neice, G2 must defeat Claw's evil minions which comes out unexpected as she traded her chip for Gadget's glitched one, allowing her to win the fight with unexpected weapons. Later, Gadget, G2, and Penny reverse the effects of the laser before returning to working in the police force. They also fall in love and ends with fireworks coming out of their hats as they kiss before the credits.
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